Why Wait Resolution Run

January 1, 2018 New Years Day Walk/Run Nerf War
Start off the New Year is start off the New Year with physical activity and we don’t mean running for a cab after midnight;-)
gotruro.ca’s motto for this New Year is Why Wait again so in accordance, we are starting off the year with a fun walk/run on Sunday January 1st from 1:30-3:00 at the Douglas Street Recreation Centre in Truro.
After the run there will be hot chocolate served and an opportunity to chat.
6 years running, walking, pushing strollers, dogs, sledges around Victoria Park on New Years Day.
Another year, another walk, fun run, run.
The run will leave from the facility at approximately 1:45 and either head up the trail parallel to Young or head down into the park, we will make that final decision later based on the ice and snow. We will pose for a group PICTURE early again this year at the falls (or somewhere where it is safe to walk/run) otherwise we get spread out quickly.
There will be at least 2 groups leaving, one for adults and one for youth (we might make some changes depending on the turnout). It will likely be an out and back so you can run more or less depending on your comfort level.
Bring yourself, family and friends.
If you have kids, bring them too, many of them walked/ran previous years on cold days. We also have the gym booked for the kids from 3 to 430 for a nerf war.
Probably works best for ages 6 to 14.
Goggles are supplied *we have 25 sets but you can bring your own*, eye protection must be worn. Bullets will be supplied. Do not bring your bullets as they will end up getting lost. Let us lose our bullets:-) Bring a gun, you can bring a backup as well. guns that shoot many rounds are not practical as the game will be limited by bullets so there will be strategy involved. (no Rival guns) But any gun will work
The games will be centred around capture the flag with possible penalties for getting shot.
You don’t have to stay afterwards, if you want just come out for the opportunity to meet like minded people in your community who have similar goals for the new year or just want to spend some time socializing around activity.
The event is centred around our mission statement, there is no cost, it is for families and it is in town. The Town of Truro Recreation Department is co-hosting the event. Starting off 2017 active!
Let us know if you are interested in attending.
we are exploring online registration please let us know if you have any questions.
Why Wait.