Truro Kids Triathlon

We are and we do multisport.

The 6th annual Truro Kids Triathlon is a Triathlon Nova Scotia sanctioned event. We are also proud to partner with The Town of Truro Parks and Recreation (who also operates the Victoria Park Pool) and the Municipality of Colchester. is a volunteer, not for profit group of individuals who focus on safety, participation and fun to get families active in Truro and surrounding area.
This event will NOT be timed. If you are looking for timed events check out the Triathlon Nova Scotia Youth Series
WHEN: Saturday August 18, 2018
email If you have specific questions about the race that a
re not addressed on this page

or text 9029572663 

each heat will probably last between 10 to 20 minutes for the younger age groups and probably more for the oldest ages as they have to cover more distance. So there could be 3 heats for ages 8-9 for example, depending on how much time we have we hope to at least have all participants off the bike before we start another wave/heat for the same age group. These decisions will be made once registration is full and we see how many participants we have.

WHAT TO BRING: swim goggles if required, water wings or a flotation device if required, bike, helmet, some kind of shoes, sunglasses if required, a piece of clothing to cover the torso.

Online presence: see the event section

Victoria Park Pool. 
Google Maps:

There is a parking lot that can accommodate many vehicles, at least a row will be blocked off for the transition zone. There are still plenty of spots on the main park as well which is about a 100-200metre walk.

COST: $20 for the first participant, $35 for 2. $50 for 3 and $60 for 4 or more. 

Triathlon is a multisport event consisting of a swim followed by a bike, followed by a run.

Bike distances might change slightly on race day. Everything depends on the number of participants in each age group. 

Heat Time Ages Swim (m) Bike (m) Run (m)

Race 1 8:30 3-5 Swim 25m Bike 400m Run 400m
Race 2 8:55 6-7 Swim 25m Bike 800m Run 400m
Race 3 9:40 8-9 Swim 50m Bike 1500m Run 800m
Race 4 10:35 10-11 Swim 100m Bike 2000m Run 1200m
Race 5 11:00 12-13 Swim 150m Bike 2500m Run 1600m
Race 6 11:25 14-15 Swim 200m Bike 3000m Run 2000m


7:45 AM – race package pickup and check-in/marking begins
8:30 AM – first heat begins


Truro Kids Triathlon RULES (please read and if you have any questions or concerns let us know, this is a Triathlon Nova Scotia event and we need to follow certain rules)

Welcome to The Truro Kids Triathlon:
Parents, please read this with your children.
• Please check your childs brakes and pump up the tires the day before the race.
There are a few rules to keep you safe while you are doing a triathlon.
• All belongings that you need for the race must be kept in the designated transition zone which we will go over on race day
• You can wear a lifejacket if you choose but it must be a CSA certified lifejacket, you can also wear water wings or a noodle for those kids that are comfortable swimming but cannot swim a full length without stopping. There will be 4 lifeguards working at the pool during the race with only 10 participants per heat.

• Your torso must be covered on the bike and run. This means if you swam in a one piece swim suit you may continue on the bike and run in that if you want; if you swam in something that showed your chest or tummy you will need to put a t-shirt for the bike and run.
• Your helmet must be on and buckled before you take your bike off the bike rack.
• You cannot use an ipod (or similar) to pay music in your ears while you are on the bike or run. It’s not safe because you won’t be able to hear people around you.

Where do I change my clothes to ride and run?
Most triathletes don’t change during the race. Sometimes as mentioned in the rules you have to put a shirt, since we are going to have a partial transition area at the pool exit you can place a shirt, helmet and shoes at this location prior to arriving at the bike transition zone which is about 40metres away. If you want to dry your feet on a towel, either put it near the pool exit with the other equipment(sneakers, helmet etc) or put it next to your bike.

Can parents do the triathlon with their children?
3-5 year olds can have help during all aspects of the event.
We will have 2 Truro Triathlon Club Members (volunteers) in transition helping with the bike racks so they could assist in that situation and we have at least 10 volunteers on course and it is a very small area to cover and closed to traffic.
Parents are not allowed in transition unless your child is in the 3-5 year old range or is a a para-athlete and you are one of the handlers (as allowed in the rules) and pre-arranged with the race committee. Parents are allowed on the pool deck and along the course and finish line, you can cheer along the side of the bike and run course but can’t run along with their children as it will create congestion on the course. If you see the need to help (jump in and do so)
6-7 age group – some children will need help to remove water wings or a life jacket, you can assist them or getting started on the bikes. Also some children will need help getting their shoes on their feet.
FOR example if we have a 6 year old who isn’t a strong cyclist and needs help to get started on their bike and they cannot complete the bike without that help, we need to help them get started, that is fine and that is what this organization is all about:-)
children older than 7 – assistance here is a case by case basis, just discuss with us prior to the event and we will work it out.
Let’s encourage them to do as much as possible by themselves! We will discuss this on race day and let the race directors know if you have any concerns.

The course
Will take place in the pool within the marked lanes, Upon exit of the pool, swimmers will head over to the grass near the gate, there will be a transition setup with sneakers, helmets and shirt when applicable, it might be best to lay out your child’s equipment on a towel. Since there is a run down to the bike transition we decided it would be best if everyone had their shoes and helmets on before they reach the bikes in transition.
When you have found your bike (helmet strap must be fastened) you can take your bike off the rack and walk/run it to the mount line. Don’t ride your bike in transition. The mount line is where you can get on your bike and take off along the bike course.
You cannot ride your bike until you reach the mount/dismount line. Stay to the right hand side of the road. Excluding the 3-5 year olds which is a clockwise loop around the baseball diamond, all other ages groups will be doing an out and back course on the Park Rd which is located inside the park and closed to vehicle traffic. Some ages will be doing multiple laps. It will be spectator friendly.
On the run course you will be doing loops of a 400m course which is very spectator friendly and runs clockwise which is the same course we use for our splash and dash
Finish Line
There will be food and refreshments at the finish line.
Most important rule of all. We really want you to have fun at this event, after all we put it on just for you! No one will get disqualified for not finishing or for walking if you are tired. When you cross the finish line you will receive your medal. Stay around to chat with friends and cheer on the remainder of the participants.

WHY this event?
This is a fun event to try out one a fast growing sport. We will showcase the beautiful Victoria Park. If you want to race it that is fine, we encourage competition and pushing yourself to be the best you can be, we are not focusing on winning we are focusing on fun. We are still looking for volunteers for this non profit event. This is‘s 3rd year for the triathlon.

So how is this going to work?
The kids will swim, they will come out on the pool and put on their shoes and their helmet on the grassy area near the gate. once they exit the gate they will turn left and run down into the pool parking lot. This is where the bikes will be sitting on transition racks. Each participant will take their bike off the racks and proceed to the mount/dismount line that is on the other side of the small bridge in the southwest corner of the parking lot, they will get on their bikes and complete their bike segment, there is a different course for the 3-5 year olds. Everyone else will use the paved road through the middle of the park which is closed to traffic. Once they return from the bike, they will go back to the dismount line and take their bike into transition and put it on the rack, take off their helmet and start running back up towards the pool and take a left over a small bridge before they reach the washrooms. They will run up the trail on the back of the bandshell (on the other side of the creek) once they get to the bridge they will swing right and head back towards the bandshell, each loop is approx 400m so each group will do multiples of that loop depending on the distance.

there will be food after the event, we will have a PA system working and medals will be presented to all finishers. We do have obstacle courses at some events but we would like all participants to cheer on the rest of the events as the morning progresses

Overall Map of the Course


Overall Course Map click this link

Run Course Map


Run Course Map click this link

Thanks to the Victoria Park Pool staff and the Recreation Departments at the Town of Truro and Municipality of Colchester for their continued support.

Troy Bond
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