RECC Splash and Dash

1. Date, Time, Location –

Saturday April 28, 2018 – registration starts at 8:30 for both the kids and the adult race.  See start times below

Rath Eastlink Community Centre – Truro Nova Scotia

2. Registration –  $5 youth,  $10 adult,

Participants are free to swim before or after the swim and other family members who want to swim will pay the drop in fees.

The RECC is trying to setup online registration at the moment though you have o 

Race Poster – click here

Registration Form Fillable – click here

3. Directions and Parking

Take exit 13 off Highway 102.  You will reach a set of lights and take a right just before the lights.  It is the big minecraft looking building.

There is plenty of free parking.

4. Race Day Details

There will be race day registration. You must sign the RECC waiver form regardless if you register online.  You will be required to check in 30 minutes prior hour prior to the race start.  

Sunday March 26 at 9AM

Heat Time Ages Swim (meters) Run (meters) Run (Laps)
Heat 1 9:00 3-4 25 250 1
Heat 2 9:10 5-6 25 500 2
Heat 3 9:20 7-8 50 1000 4
Heat 4 9:30 9-10 100 1250 5
Heat 5 9:45 11-12 150 1500 6
Heat 6 10:00 13-14 200 2000 8
Heat 7 10:15 15-18 250 3000 12
Heat 8 10:35 Open 150/500 2000/4000 16
Heat 9 11:05 Open 150 2000 8
Heat 10 11:05 Open 500 4000 16
Heat 11 11:30 Open 500 4000 16

Race Start: – 

Timing: – back to the old fashioned way sort of, we will probably use a combination of stopwatches and smartphones/tablets.  There is a good chance you will be marked with a number at registration.  We don’t time the youth although if we have a large contingent from out of town we might time 12 and up.   We encourage you to time yourself as well.

Course Details and Map

5. Age Categories and Distances

Ages 19 – 39,
Ages 40 – 49
Ages 50 – 59,
Ages 60 – 69
Ages 70 +

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Is this race timed?

Yes. We will be timing the adult race

What do I need to wear to the race?

Swim attire such as a full piece suit for females or a triathlon type suit will work as well.  For the males the torso must be covered in the run portion

What is splash and dash?

A multi sport event that starts with a swim (in this case a pool swim) followed by a run.

What type of food will be available after the race?

none but the RECC has a

I run but I am not sure if I can do the adult race?

You can do the adult try a splash and dash at 150m swim and 2km run or consider a team event

Are you taking pictures?

Yes we will be taking pictures once participants are outside of the pool. There will be pictures on

What do the winners of the age categories receive?

at the moment, enjoy the fame