Off Road Duathlon

Where: Upper Wood St, Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia, drive to the top of wood st.  If the gate isnt open you will have to walk about 150 metres to the start line.  Which is the beginning of the dirt road before you get to the water tower.  

When: Saturday, May 21, 2016
9:30 AM – race day registration begins
10:00 AM – first heat begins for youth
11:00 AM – adult race begins

Cost: FREE

Duathlon is a multisports event which involves in order a run, bike, run

our Offroad Duathlon is a chance to get out as an indivdual, group or a family to try something new away from the pavement.

As for equipment, you need a working bike, Training wheels are welcome for the kids. A helmet is required as well. It will be a very flat course with some single track trails. For parents you can help your kids on all aspects of the course if required. We encourage it.

Heat Time Ages Run (meters) Bike (meters) Run (meters)
Heat 1 10:00 2-4 200 400 100
Heat 2 10:00 5-6 800 1200 200
Heat 3 10:15 7-8 1000 1500 500
Heat 4 10:15 9-11 1000 3000 500  (less technical course, even trails, no roots and rocks
Heat 5 10:30 12-14 2000 3000 1000  (less technical course, even trails no roots and rocks)
Heat 6 10:30 15-18 2km 5km 2km  (this group might move up to 11:00 to race with the adults)
Heat 7 11:00 19 and up 4km 15km 2km
Try a Du 11:00 19 and up 2km 5km 2km

Details:Individuals, Families and teams are welcome, for example your son can do the first run and you can do the bike and your daughter can do the run. For example in a team of two, one person could do both runs and the other, the bike.

Registration: you can pre-register by emailing, there will be race day registration. We would appreciate early registration. You will be required to check in prior to your heat. We may combine multiple heats for youth depending on our numbers.
You can check out the links below

We are going to keep bringing it, if you are interested in Triathlon, members will be racing or volunteering that day. It will be a great opportunity to meet the group.


MAP of bike course with a small portion missing to add an extra 1.5 km

Map of run course – it is a 1km loop on mostly trails.  We did a 1 km loop so we can keep our volunteers close and also our youth when they are running the shorter distances.
7. Frequently Asked Questions

Will you have water stations?

No, the furthest distance is 2 km for the run from the start and 5 km for the bike.  We will have water cups in transition though which you will again be only 2km away from on the run and 5km on the bike.

Is this race timed?

Yes.  We have not posted any times in years we will try to look them up for 2016.  It is a fun free event but it would be nice to have the previous times.

What do I need to wear to the race.

Helmet, cycling shoes, cycling shorts, if you don’t have cycling shoes you can wear sneakers for the whole event.  wear layers but the weather should be fine it will be June.

What is an off road duathlon?

It involves trails for both the bike and run, you need a mountain bike for the course.  A road bike will get beat up on this course.

What type of food will be available after the race?

No food, bring your own.  This is not a revenue generating race for us.

I run but I am not sure if I can handle the bike portion ?

Ok that is fine, have a team.  1 person can do the first run, a different person on the bike and another person on the run.  However you want to break up the distances.

Are you taking pictures?

The plan is to post pictures on There will be pictures on

What do the winners of the age categories receive?

The satisfaction of a hard effort and bragging rights for sure.