Humongously Hilly 10km Trail Race

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7th YEAR!

1. Date, Time, Location

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 –  the registration will start at 845 and the kids race will take place at 915 this year.  adults at 10:00.  

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Victoria Park, Truro NS – Bandshell area near the washrooms at the bottom of the park

2. RegistrationRace Roster coming soon in early October.  no rush, we aren’t going anywhere.  

Youth registration is FREE  (this will save your from having to register on race day and helps us predict the number of kids attending)  The youth registrants will not be displayed on the website (only the race director has access)

Adult – Individual and Relay Registration coming soon…

Participant List  

There will be race day registration as well.

Combined Registration Form and Waiver Form – coming soon

3. Directions and Parking

Victoria Park is located off Brunswick St in Truro.  Use the Google Maps link below to get directions.

4. Race Day Details

There will be race day registration. You will be required to check in 30 minutes prior hour prior to the race start.  We will be doing a walk through of the bottom portion of the course which is about 300 metres.

Toilets: – the washrooms in the park might be closed by this date so we have permission to use the Town of Truro Recreation Department Facility at 40 Douglas St, the old Douglas St School.  These will be about 400m from the start although you do have to run up a hill

Race Start: – at the stage area or bandshell in the main portion of the park by the flag pole this is across from the playground.  Just drive in past the playground and you will find it.

Timing: – back to the old fashioned way sort of, we will probably use a combination of stopwatches and smartphones/tablets.  It depends on the weather.  There is a chance you will be marked with a number at registration, a bib and be given popsicle sticks upon reaching the finish line. We encourage you to time yourself as well.

Relay Locations: – the race was setup so the 3 relay locations are easily accessible.

1st Relay Station @ 2.5 km – Close to the Truro Junior High, The location will be marked, it is at the 5 corners at the top of the park. If you do go to the school, park at the school and go behind it to the gate backing onto the woods, take that trail until you reach the open spot where there is a large pile of crushed gravel.  

Truro Junior High School                                                          

2nd Relay Station @ 5.0 km – Close to the entry to the park at the top of Young St. If you travel up Young St past the school and the trailer park and take a left after the 3rd house past the trailer park, there will be a dirt parking area that is a roadway to access the water treatment plant. Walk down that path about 200 – 300 metres and on your left there will be a relay station just at the entry of the woods. IF YOU are running 5km each this will be your relay station.  The plan is to have a person at this station for the duration of the race.

Top of Young St.                                                                        

3rd Relay Station @ 7.5 km – Close to the parking lot at the top of Wood St. Walk towards the water tower and about 100 metres before it there will be the 7.5km relay station near wooden posts in the ground.  If we can’t get the gate opened by the town, you will have to run about 300-400m to get to this station.  It is almost all downhill after this point.

Course Details and Map

Pictures of course

The course starts at the bottom of the park near the flagpole by the stage. The race will head South West towards the BBQ pit area, and proceed up the steep hill behind it reaching the top near the back of the Douglas St Recreation Centre, then immediately run down the groomed path taking a sharp left and running back along the West side of the creek passing the BBQ pit on the left and run over the bridge and take a sharp left down the groomed trail towards the pool, prior to reaching the pool take the a right onto the wooden path, then proceed up the steep hill. Once up the hill follow the groomed trail until you will cross the paved road and go back down into the park until you reach another paved area that travels along the stream. Take your next right across the bridge which leads to a steep hill up towards the back of the Junior High School. TO be continued

5. Age Categories and Distances

Ages 19 – 39, 10000m Run
Ages 40 – 49  10000m Run
Ages 50 – 59, 10000m Run
Ages 60 – 69, 10000m Run
Ages 70 + ,   10000m Run


2 x 5 km relay

4 x 2.5 km relay

6. Maps

This race will start near the stage area by the washrooms at the bandshell and run over to the bbq pit up the hill behind it and immediately back down the groomed trail to the left when at the bottom, you will take a hard left and Proceed back to the bbq pit area on the trail and cross the bridge and run on the tree lined trail towards the pool. Then run up a very steep hill to the right of the pool and start heading up a path that is somewhat parallel to Burnyeat. This is a long gradual climb.  Eventually the runner heads back down the hill at the end of the long path and crosses the creek, then crosses a bridge and runs up a very steep hill and upon reaching the top continues to follow the arrows until reaching a T intersection and taking a right hand turn, in about a 100 metres a pile of gravel (this is the 2.5km relay station) will be on the right, take a right after the gravel and proceed down a hill for about 100m until you take a 90 degree left hand turn into a wooded area, follow along this path until you come to a fence that stops you from falling into a ravine, hang a left and follow the fence until you cross a covered bridge, follow the path for about 50 more metres until you take a hard left for about 70 metres and you will come out of the wooded area onto a dirt/gravel access road, you will see houses ahead.  Take a left and run up the hill with houses on your right hand side.  ……This is hill #5….more to continue. along the ridge by Young St and undulating until the runner crosses the reservoir and heads back down into the park.




7. Frequently Asked Questions

Will you have water stations?

we plan to have a water station at the 5 km mark.

Is this race timed?

Yes. Likely a tablet and stopwatch, would love to time the splits but we need help with coordination via cell to figure that out

What do I need to wear to the race.

Sneakers or trail running shoes with a good grip on them. I would layer as it will be November. So at least a layer of spandex/polyester on the bottom with at least a second layer on top, you might be able to get away with shorts depending on the temperature and the windchill. There is a very good chance you will get wet feet especially on the single track course near Truro Junior High.

What is trail race?

my definition is no concrete, asphalt, hilly and sometimes technically challenging aka single course.  There are 5 brutal hills, yes they are brutal, just ask race director Jody Mattie who will be running it for the second year in a row.

What type of food will be available after the race?

We will have some type of fruit available, water and chocolate milk like last year

I run but I am not sure if I can handle running the full 10km?

Ok that is fine, sign up for the 2 x 5 km or 4 x 2.5 km. Or have 2 of you sign up for 4 x 2.5 and figure out if you can take a short cut to beat your teammate to the next 2.5km handoff to run a second leg.  Last year we had a few teams and we expect more this year.

Are you taking pictures?

Yes we will be posting pictures. There will be pictures on  There are pictures on there from last year.

What do the winners of the age categories receive?

at the moment, not sure, and probably not much, we are about grass roots running. Come see a beautiful park and a great course in an urban park.  Hang out with some cool people.  There are bragging rights for sure and we will post results and this is a course made by runners and tested numerous times before we originally ran it.  We had some very positive comments from last year.