Foam Fight

Very soon we will be battling for our survival in capture the flag.

Coming to Douglas St. Gym very soon… keep reading below…13103350_976475559132265_2037264511408169048_n

Stay tuned for dates and times. exercise and fun. 700 bullets, enough guns to make the Donald proud and a new strategy to attract the youth in our community who we know are out there and haven’t been to one of our events. Capture the flag, penalty box, target relays (and an outdoor version will be popping up on warm calm days). BYOG. Bring Your Own Gun and have it checked for modifications by our self professed youth “play” gun experts. We supply the bullets. we are probably shooting ourselves in the foot but we hope to trigger something positive in our community.

Youth Run Club

RUN CLUB is over for the Spring and will be back in August 2016

Our Youth Run Club has been Running Strong since April 10th.  We Run every Wednesday at 6:30PM and Sunday at 9AM at the Bible Hill Rec Park.  There is no cost and there is no commitment.   We have been getting up to 20 youth per run.

Parents are encouraged to run with their children.  Ages 5 and up to 18.    The long term goal is to run up to 30 minutes.  At the beginning you might walk more and run a bit and gradually you will run more and walk less.  We encourage and build a fun atmosphere surrounded by friends.  We play games, relays and zombie tag.  Socialize Activity. – we run free