Off Road Duathlon Update

Where: Upper Wood St, Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia

Drive all the way to the top of Wood st in Truro

When: Saturday, June 7th 2014 (rain or shine)
9:30 AM – race day registration begins
10:00 AM – first heat begins for youth
11:00 AM – adult race begins

Cost: individuals $5 per child, $10 per adult (cash or cheque),
Teams where one person does either the first run, bike or the 2nd run:
$20 max per team of adults or $15 if the team has one or more children
Families (team or non team) $15 max per youth family participating (that could be 4 or more kids)
$20 max for a mixed family – children and adults competing but not on a team

Free if you use active transportation to arrive at the event.
Free if you bring a friend who was has been there before, they pay but it is free for you.

Duathlon is a multisports event which involves in order a run, bike, run

our Offroad Duathlon is a chance to get out as an indivdual, group or a family to try something new away from the pavement.

As for equipment, you need a working bike, Training wheels are welcome for the kids. A helmet is required as well. It will be a very flat course with some single track trails. For parents you can help your kids on all aspects of the course if required. We encourage it.

Heat Time Ages Run (meters) Bike (meters) Run (meters)
Heat 1 10:00 2-4 200 400 100
Heat 2 10:00 5-6 800 1200 200
Heat 3 10:15 7-8 1000 1500 500
Heat 4 10:15 9-11 1000 3000 500
Heat 5 10:30 12-14 2000 3000 1000
Heat 6 10:30 15-18 2km 5km 2km
Heat 7 11:00 19 and up 4km 15km 2km
Try a Du 11:00 19 and up 2km 5km 2km

Details:Individuals, Families and teams are welcome, for example your son can do the first run and you can do the bike and your daughter can do the run. For example in a team of two, one person could do both runs and the other, the bike.

questions on race day call 9029572663

Ricoh Sport Makes a Difference Award was awarded The Ricoh Sport Makes a Difference Award on Saturday May 31st at the Sport Nova Scotia Awards Ceremony which took place at World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax.  We would like to thank Triathlon Nova Scotia for nominating us.  We would also like thank all the volunteers, participants, supporters and sponsors who have made this organization what it is today.  IMG_6143

from left to right, volunteers, Farida Gabbani, Larry Anthony, Jody Mattie, Troy Bond.

We have many other volunteers who we will formally list one of these days, our group is well over 20 people who volunteer on a regular basis.