Abominable Snowshoe event is happening February 23rd

We are a go tomorrow. The first and my first snowshoe/ski/run relay.
Here is the course a 1500m loop in the park on a wide groomed trail, all transitions will take place at the start which is about 200 metres from the school cafeteria. for anything less than 1500 metres there will be a turn around point with marked cones on the course and a volunteer letting you know the turnaround area.

Abominable Snowshoe Ski Run Multisport Event – Feb 23rd @1PM


we waited until this week to officially email and announce the race because we think the weather is going to cooperate and the Abominable snowman has been sighted near the park and will be a big hit with the children.

gotruro.ca’s Abominable Snowshoe Ski Run Multisport Event will take place:

WHEN: Saturday February 23, 2012

1:00 PM registration begins
1:30 PM first heat begins
each heat will probably last between 10 to 20 minutes for youth and likely 30 minutes or more for adults. Arrive early just in case we combine multiple events.
The adult race will begin no earlier than 2:45 PM.

see facebook/gotruro or www.gotruro.ca for additional details.

WHERE: facebook.com/gotruro see the event section to pre register

Race day Regstration at Truro Junior High School, Truro, Nova Scotia (cafeteria)

the EVENT begins in UPPER VICTORIA PARK behind the school


Park on the left side of the school in the large parking lot, there is another event that day at the school. Walk across the front of the school to the South Side near the soccer field and there will be a cafetaria about 50 metres down on the left, this is the part of the facility we are renting for the event. I will update with more details about entry into the cafetaria. You might be able to enter through the main doors as well. Once you are registered:
The snowshoeing and running will take place at the Victoria Park Five Corners which is about a 200 metre walk behind the school and through the gate down the path.

COST: $2 per youth (cash only) $5 per adult and $10 for a family of 4 or more

This is a mulitsport event with a snowshoe leg and then a run leg for youth and adults and an open division with a snowshoe, ski and run. If we are unable to ski, all adults will be entered into a multisport snowshoe then run event. IF WE ARE unable to snowshoe (which should be ok based on current conditions) we will have a run only event. Friday we will make the final decision especially f there is ice in the trails.
The County of Colchester is lending us up to 30 pairs of snowshoes for the event. So don’t worry if you don’t have a pair.

Distances might change slightly and events might be combined to stay on-time so arrive somewhat early. STAY POSTED FOR WEATHER RELATED NEWS as it will be posted on facebook.com/gotruro up until February 22nd.


Heat Time Ages Snowshoe(meters) Run (meters)

Heat 1 1:30 2-4 50 400
Heat 2 1:40 5-6 100 600
Heat 3 1:55 7-8 200 800
Heat 4 2:15 9-10 400 1000
Heat 5 2:35 11-12 600 1500
Heat 6 2:50 13-14 800 2500
Heat 7 3:15 15-18 1000 3000
Heat 8 3:50 19 + 1500 4000
will likely be combined with Heat 7 although the 19+ will do the longer distance.

SNOWSHOE and SKI and RUN Event ? timed event

Heat Time Ages Snowshoe(meters) ski (meters) Run (metres)
3:50 Open snowshoe 1000 ski 4000 run 3000

the earliest the adult snowshoe, ski, run event will be take place is 2:45

WHY this event?
This is a fun event to show ways to get exercise as a family in the Winter and again showcase the beautiful Victoria Park. If you want to race it that is fine, we are not focusing on winning we are focusing on family fun. We hope to have pictures and we are DEFINITELY looking for volunteers, this is not a for profit event and this is the first of its kind for gotruro.ca and possibly the first of its kind for Truro?

Why aren’t you having a run only?
We want to encourage other winter sports, snowshoeing can be a great family type sport that offers exercise for all ages and it can also be used for more intense workouts. This event will introduce the concept to those who have not done so in the past.

So how is this going to work?
At the five corners area which is a place in the upper park where a number of trails come together, there will be start and finish line. The snowshoeing will go down one road and then back to the start and the run will go down another road and turn around back to the finish, longer events will probably loop.
The ski will likely follow the snowshoe loop and do a loop. These details are coming as we are going to measure it with a GPS.

If we don?t have enough snowshoes for a particular age group we will run multiple age groups heats so everyone will get an opportunity, parents are encouraged to go with their children and assist (you do not have to pay a registration fee to assist your child)
We have 30 pairs of snowshoes, if you have your own that would make things much easier. Parents or event volunteers will assist the participants with getting snowshoes on and off

There will be light snacks afterwards with hot chocolate etc

Thanks to the Recreation Departments at The County of Colchester and the Town of Truro for their continued support

We need your support to make this event a success.
Volunteers are always welcome.

RUMOUR has it the Abominable Snowman will be on the course and available for pictures:-)
See the latest sighting here http://www.facebook.com/gotruro

questions email gotruro@gotruro.ca or post to the facebook page or text 9029572663

twitter @gotruro

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