Humongously Hilly 10km Trail Race Results 11-03-2012


sorry for the delay on the results that are located below.  When I had to venture back into the course after the race, I missed the wrap up, thankfully Jody was there.  The results ended up in a box that went to the Municipality. So it took me until Monday to get the papers.  Let me know if there are any issues. I will send out an email copy as well with a race recap.

The Humongously Hilly 10km Trail Race Results – Not Another Walk in the Park




Humongously Hilly 10km Race – Completed


We did it.  the Humongously Hilly 10km Race was a success.  Thank you so much for the people who supported us, who smiled, who drove and walked to the course.  Jody and I worked hard to make this happen and we received great support from Shannon Jarvis from the Town of Truro and Craig Burgess from The Municipality of Colchester Recreation Departments.

Thank you to the volunteers, Doug W., Robert C., Lynn M., Larry, Teri -Lynn (spelling) and her daughter at the finish line, Ryan and Ava at the finish line.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone.  We had a great spirit out there today.

The results are in a container at the municipality so I can’t get them until Monday.  The pictures are posted on

The Humongously Hilly 10km Race, Not Another Walk in the Park.