Foam Fight

Very soon we will be battling for our survival in capture the flag.

Coming to Douglas St. Gym very soon… keep reading below…13103350_976475559132265_2037264511408169048_n

Stay tuned for dates and times. exercise and fun. 700 bullets, enough guns to make the Donald proud and a new strategy to attract the youth in our community who we know are out there and haven’t been to one of our events. Capture the flag, penalty box, target relays (and an outdoor version will be popping up on warm calm days). BYOG. Bring Your Own Gun and have it checked for modifications by our self professed youth “play” gun experts. We supply the bullets. we are probably shooting ourselves in the foot but we hope to trigger something positive in our community.

Youth Run Club

RUN CLUB is over for the Spring and will be back in August 2016

Our Youth Run Club has been Running Strong since April 10th.  We Run every Wednesday at 6:30PM and Sunday at 9AM at the Bible Hill Rec Park.  There is no cost and there is no commitment.   We have been getting up to 20 youth per run.

Parents are encouraged to run with their children.  Ages 5 and up to 18.    The long term goal is to run up to 30 minutes.  At the beginning you might walk more and run a bit and gradually you will run more and walk less.  We encourage and build a fun atmosphere surrounded by friends.  We play games, relays and zombie tag.  Socialize Activity. – we run free

RECC Splash and Dash

Event 41.  The 4th RECC indoor splash and dash will be taking place on Sunday February 21st, 2016 at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.

We formed a partnership with the RECC to assist with this great event.

See the following link for details. Indoor Splash and Dash 2016vents.html

Humongously Hilly 10km and relay and kids race

Our 4th Humongously Hilly 10km Race is Saturday October 31, 2015.

Online registration is available below:

Weather is forecast for about 10 degrees. No rain. Online registration costs
10km race – $10 for adults, 2 x 5km relay – $10 each or 4 x 2.5km relay – $7.50 each. Each person pays a small processing fee. Less than $2.
High school and under is free for either the relay event or the youth race.

Race day registration is 10km race – $15, 2 x 5km – $10 each or 4 x 2.5km relay – $7.50 each.
High school and under race free.

basecamptent with male and female runner for facebook profile

BaseCamp. We are pleased to announce our first youth running group through a joint partnership with the Truro Parks and Rec and Colchester Recreation. This is something we have been talking about for a long time.

This is a no cost program and at the moment will run until school xcountry programs start (we will reassess the first week of September). The intent of this program is to compliment school programs and provide some of the basics and gradually build fitness and knowledge.
The ages are 8 and up to high school.
We will usually meet on Monday and Wednesdays although some evenings will change.
Our first meeting will be on Monday August 17th at 630 in Victoria Park by the bandshell. We are using the first meeting to workout the cobwebs and start with a smaller group.
The registration night will be Wednesday August 19th

Our theme for the evening will be hat or cap night. So find something to put on your head. We will run/walk for 20 minutes for those new and possibly longer for others. It will depend on who shows up. Afterwards we will stop on the grass near the bandshell to stretch.
Parents are certainly welcome to run with their children. If you have any questions or want to volunteer coach please contact


Registration Wednesday August 19th. Meet at the bandshell in Victoria Park at 6:30. The theme for tomorrow is ODD SOCK day.
You can sign the registration form and then we will have a quick discussion to layout the format we will follow. That format will follow this design. Walking warmup, followed by some type of run-walk activity. If we have to start with 30 seconds of jogging and 3 minutes of walking we will do that. Some might be able to run 30 minute without stopping. At the moment we will have 3 groups (one which can include parents who want to run with another adult who will be there for that reason). Some parents might want to run with their children. That is fine as well. After we do the 15 to 20 minutes of activity for the new ones (and potentially longer for the older ones) we will return to the bandshell area to play some type of game. It might be tag or a fun relay or some obstacles. We will gradually introduce things to ensure they aren`t to strenuous at the beginning. At some point we will introduce some fun form work, (arm action drills,high knees, brief accelerations, short hills). We will finish with a social stretch. – we run.


Truro Kids Triathlon

we did it again.  3rd annual Truro Kids Triathlon was a blast with beautiful weather, lots of smiles and plenty of prizes from our sponsors The Bike Monkey and Hennessey Health.   A special thank you to Truro Parks and Rec (Larry Anthony and Shannon Jarvis and park crew and the lifeguards at the Victoria Park Pool) and Colchester Recreation (Craig Burgess).  You can’t put on a Kids Triathlon without a dedicated group of volunteers. pictured Front Row Left to Right. Jeff Addison, Ronald Warren, Troy Bond. Back Row, Mike Moyles, Stephen Aucoin, Larry Anthony, Farida Gabbani, Doug Wile, Amy Decoste, Barbara Bond, Trevor Brown, Laura Brown, Jordyn McNutt, Tony Corbin, Peter Corbin, Diane Flanders. missing Chris Cook, Andria MacAulay (and their kids who helped at registration) and Sarah Stewart.IMG_2820